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During COVID-19, Pastor Todd began a Blog entitled COMPANIONSHIP in DALLAS. To check it out, CLICK: bruningt.wixsite.com/companionship

There are 5 different sections in the blog:

  • WORSHIP at Mt. Olive — the LIVE outlines we use for ZOOM Worship and Bible Studies. Check out the dated blog entries for details about our Sunday ZOOM Worship at 11 AM, our Wednesday ZOOM Bible Studies at 7 PM, and our Thursday ZOOM Companion Chats at 7 PM.
  • Worship leads to …
  • COMPANIONSHIP in Dallas — where the themes and thoughts about Companionship Training are discussed. A simpler form of lay caregiving, like Stephen Ministry, Companionship teaches a method of volunteer chaplaincy, enabling us to walk SIDE by SIDE with another person, building CIRCLES of CARE. Although Companionship is designed to assist people with mental health, addiction health, and housing anxiety issues, Companionship teaches us how to better care for our own friends, family, and congregation members as well.
  • Companionship leads to …
  • SERVING in South Dallas — as we build more Companionships and Partnerships in our Fair Park Neighborhood and throughout the South Dallas Community. Learn with us about the dozens of volunteer opportunities in our area. Look for upcoming blog entries that help access databases like Portals of Care and the Grant Halliburton Foundation to connect prospective volunteers to the places with volunteer needs.
  • Serving leads to …
  • STACKING and RE-STACKING CRAYONS — which is an easy way to access excerpts from Pastor Todd’s book that he is currently preparing for publication. STACKING CRAYONS: How Kids with Special Needs Teach us we ALL Count … is an allegory set in the Creativerse … a world of Crayons who live in various sized Boxes on Primary Color hills and Secondary Color hills.
  • YELLOW and BLUE are young parents with a child, nicknamed MOCHA, who is on the GREY Spectrum. Along with other parents of kids with BROWN’s Syndrome and PARAFFIN Palsy, they learn Family Life Coaching skills from Dr. BROWN, Dr. PURPLE and Dr. ORANGE … plus a little CAPPY’S Math from an elusive, reclusive odd colored crayon they meet at the coffee shop.
  • At the GREEN Bean Coffee Machine they discuss strategic plans that Resist Division, Reduce Subraction, Increase Addition, and Invest in Multiplication. If dealing with disabilities wasn’t challenge enough … a recent paraffin virus has been detected on the Primary Color hills … and some of the easiest blame seems to be falling upon their own vulnerable families … and children …
  • So it may be more important than ever to insist, that in both small boxes and large boxes … EVERY CRAYON COUNTS!!

To check it out, CLICK: bruningt.wixsite.com/companionship